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20th April
written by Anuj Seth

An Illustrated Guide To Using Twitter is not a book, but a nice graphical depiction explaining the usage of Twitter in the real world!

From the website,

Below you will find a visual guide to twitter which highlights some of the ways twitter can be helpful either for personal use or business.

(Click on the image to visit the website)

Twitter Guide

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10th April
written by Anuj Seth

The Twitter Beginner’s Guide is a PowerPoint Presentation that walks you through the basics of Twitter and some Twitter applications.


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8th April
written by Anuj Seth

twitter-and-wordpress-integration-guideThe Twitter and WordPress Integration Guide is a free e-Book that describes how to integrate various Twitter Tools with your WordPress Blog.

Written by Paul Cunningham, the 19 page eBook covers integration of tools like TwitterCounter, TweetSuite, Tweet This, amongst others. This is a must-read book for those who are looking at integrating Twitter with their WordPress blog.

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2nd April
written by Anuj Seth

HubSpot’s free Social Media Marketing Kit gives you the tips and tricks you need to harness the power of the social mediasphere – facebook, digg,, twitter, and many others – to get found by more potential customers, develop meaningful relationships with others in your industry, and position yourself as an expert in your field.



  • Why social media is important for your business
  • How to start engaging in social media to reach customers and the media
  • What and how to measure results from your social media marketing efforts

The Social Media Marketing Kit contains:

  • Video Webinar WMV – “Social Media & Business Marketing” covers all the basics of how to leverage social media for your business.  (60 minutes plus Q&A)
  • eBook (PDF) – The eBook contains all of the charts, graphs and other materials from the video for handy reference.  (49 pages, full color)

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1st April
written by Anuj Seth



This Is Your Brain On Twitter is a free eBook from Brandon Uttley that covers Twitter from a business users perspective.

The book is extremely well written with useful tips and useful apps that you can use for various scenarios.

From the author:

I have written a new e-book with the goal of bridging the divide between the Twitter know-it-alls and the newbies. It will help you wrap your brain around the possibilities Twitter provides, once you get past all the noise. The e-book is yours free, by signing up to receive the Web Business Freedom newsletter.

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